Bay Medical and Wellness Center offers a wide range of services which are supported by Dr. Alireza Zarrabi and his experienced, compassionate, and skilled team of experts. Our primary purpose is to provide you with quality, personalized medical care to help you feel your best.

Baltimore Primary Care
Primary Care

Primary Care

Dr. Zarrabi offers the highest quality comprehensive care and individualized plans to suit every patient.

Baltimore Weight Loss
Infusion Therapy

Weight Loss

Achieve and maintain a healthy weight with dietary changes, exercise, and medication when necessary.

Baltimore Infusion Therapy
Infusion Therapy

Injection/Infusion Therapy

IV nutrition is a powerful tool enhancing the body’s ability to repair and regenerate cellular and system injuries.

Baltimore Esthetics


At Bay Medical and Wellness Center, we provide BOTOX® and XEOMIN® injections for both cosmetic and therapeutic purposes.

Why Work with an Internal Medicine Physician?

An internal medicine doctor applies scientific knowledge and clinical expertise to treat and diagnose adults with a broad range of health diseases and conditions. “Internists,” as they are often called, are known as the “doctor’s doctor,” according to the American College of Physicians, because they are often called upon by other medical professionals for their ability to connect the dots and help solve problems, making their expertise vital to both medical professionals and patients.

Although both internal medicine doctors and general/family practice doctors are both primary care doctors, internists are not the same. One of their key differences is that internal medicine doctors only see adults, while family practitioners see both children and adults.

Internal medicine doctors are also trained to specialize in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of a wide variety of diseases and other health issues that affect adults. They are experts in the promotion of health and disease prevention. They can care for problems that are both simple and complex.

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